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Learning Explosion Publications

Learning for all ages made easy through a study of Greek & Latin root words


"Research supports the idea that students’ understanding of word parts and how words are constructed is strongly correlated with their vocabulary knowledge. Vocabulary Explosion provides a ready-to-use set of items and activities that teachers can use to teach students the Greek and Latin roots of many important vocabulary terms. Claire Jane Beck has created a useful resource that teachers can use to emphasize this aspect of vocabulary instruction."
                                                                  -  Dr. Robert Marzano

                                 - Mrs. L.B.,  4th Grade 

"Our 3rd through 6th graders have been using Learning Explosion weekly which tie right into Indiana's academic standards. Through these lessons, we are able to teach the Latin/Greek/Roman root words which give our students a solid base in vocabulary on standardized tests when context clues are the only resource they may use. Through these lessons, I am able to reach not only my visual and auditory learners, but now the tactile learners are also more involved!"

"Over the last several years, I have used the Vocabulary Explosion lessons with my third grade class. Students enjoy learning about all the different words that have the same root and using what they learned to discover even more related words in the books that they have read. All of my students have shown above average growth in vocabulary on district-mandated beginning/middle/end of year tests since I began using the program. I believe that Vocabulary Explosion should be used in every classroom as a part of the language arts curriculum."

"Great product. I used this as a mini lesson at the beginning of the week and used it in a center during guided reading. The students loved it. The assignments were easy to change up for differentiated learning groups."

Very helpful. I am new this year . THANK YOU SO MUCH.
                                    - Mrs. W.N., Grade 4  

T his is well though out and organized. Seller was quick to respond to questions and very helpful.​  
                                                        - Grade 7    

"Wonderful resource! I use it almost daily, and the kids love it!"